Kardashian Kool and Mercier Magic

Today here at Daily Dimmick I was asked about spot concealing by on the the divine women following me on Twitter, Lisa Wilder @TheWilderZone.  You see I absolutely love making women more gorgeous than they were already created, so when it comes to skin my number one product is Secret Camouflage by Laura Mercier! Applied to freshly cleansed and moisturized skin Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage is what will instantly transform fresh skin into amazingly flawless skin.

If you are flying out the door in the morning with barely enough time to grab a nutritious bite to start your day. Secret Camouflage is the 2 minute spot cover to to even out your entire face.  What is spot covering I hear you say.  It’s just covering the areas of ones face that may not be at it’s best on any given day.  Usually these areas are the inside of the eye near the tear duct, next to the nose.  The outer corner of the eye.  Around the nose and mouth as I’ve outlined on this image of one of my makeups.

Or if you find it easy to watch check this out.

You might be asking me, “How do the Kardashian girls fit in with this?”  Well these girls are busy, busy, busy.  Yes they may have there hair and makeup done for them in the morning and have it touched up through the day but that doesn’t mean there’s no time crunch for them to be camera ready.

In this picture of the girls running from Live With Regis And Kelly to Fox And Friends

I’ve used very little face makuep, namely Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage.  And the reason is because it’s easy to touch up when in a hurry, like in the back of an SUV.  A little trick to stop the cakey look is to use a spritz of  MAC Fix+ on your brush, which will reactivate any face product including Laura’s Invisible Loose Setting Powder and it will set back into it’s intended texture.  A delicious modern 40’s eye for Kourtney was created using Laura Mercier’s Cognac and and Stellar sateen eyeshadows.  It’s just a heavenly combination.  And of course as I’ve posted before Khloe is in wearing Amethyst Glam by Lancome.

“True Beauty Only Comes Through Lifes Experiences” – Stephen Dimmick

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