Ex Is Not A Dirty Word

You may have noticed that I didn’t actually Daily Dimmick yesterday.  Namely because two incredible things happened yesterday.  The first was an amazing meeting which will be part of a new blog post in the weeks to come.  But I digress.  The second incredible situation was a long time coming.

Yesterday I met with a beautiful woman by the name of Leticia Connell.  Leticia and I met 26 years ago in Brisbane, Australia when we were young, crazy teenagers.  We were lucky enough to be in the subculture of New Wave, New Romantic or one of the myriad of other names that were thrown around back then to describe who we were.

Since the advent of Facebook and Twitter so many wonderful people have come out of the woodwork and we’ve had the absolute pleasure of reconnecting.  The teen years were indeed tumultuous and difficult. Believe it or not reconnecting with friends from this period of my life has cleared away many insecurities I’ve carried through life. Time and age are a wonderful ally to a person’s state of mind if you allow it. Alas some have peeked there heads out and just as quickly disappeared back into the anonymity of the ethernet.  As much as this leaves a sadness I understand it as well.

Leticia is one of those amazing friends who came out of the woodwork.  We dated back then, during the time that this photograph was taken.

The most amazing thing about the passing of time is no matter what life has thrown at one it does not change their essence.  Life has thrown both of us some treacherous obstacles and Leticia is still that scrumptious wonderful women I met 26 years ago with the exception that she now has the wonder of a “mini me” in tow. Immy is her name and she’s just the most joyous little angel. I pretend to not like children but alas I’m just a sucker for kids and I can’t hide it.  Life is coming full circle and I’m loving it.

“True Beauty Only Comes Through Lifes Experiences” – Stephen Dimmick

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I've learnt how to not judge others by doing what I've judged others for.
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6 Responses to Ex Is Not A Dirty Word

  1. Ellen Fagan says:

    Stephen, I love you! Your posts just keep getting better & better. Your outrageous humor, quirkiness, big heart & delightfully skewed take on life are front & center…it could be no other way. But your GRAVITAS is growing as well…you have profound view on life & I’m so happy you’re sharing it with us masses. Bring it on!!xoxo

  2. Lauri says:

    I adore you blog! The videos are also very refreshing! I look forward to my daily dimmick! Felicia is a beauty! I hope you had a fabulous day…xoxo

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  4. Gretchen Barnhill says:

    Hello darlin!! Its been way too long since I’ve seen your vlogs….I had to pop into dailydimmick today so I could get my daily dose of my darling dimmick!! YAY!! I loved seeing you reconnect with an old friend. So lovely!! I hope you had a fabulous time!! Just wanted to thank you for everything you continue to do for all of us out here!! I love you so, gerty 🙂

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