Monika Henreid Dishes On Old Hollywood.

PAUL HENREIDAs a makeup artist I’ve always been more fascinated with what goes on behind the scenes and more so how success, fame and iconism affects those around the icon.  So when I saw Monika Henreid (daughter of Paul Henreid) was going to be on the red carpet at the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival dishing on his life in Hollywood, as an actor, as a producer, and as a director.  I could barely contain my excitement.

She talks about how amazing it was growing up with him and attending red carpet premieres, and how he was blacklisted in Hollywood four separate times. On the tail of being Julys TCM star of the month, starting tonight, Monika is now creating a documentary about his life.

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  1. AJ Rogers says:

    I love old Hollywood – Thanks for sharing your red carpet moments!

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