Wake Up To Makeup – Daily Dimmick’s Great Cover Up.

Good morning everyone.  It’s been rather eventful over here at Daily Dimmick.  Last week I was hit with an allergic reaction and I broke out in hives.  So in great Daily Dimmick style I couldn’t help but jump onto what to do when such things hit us from out of the blue and what cosmetic’s fixes would help cover it up.  Despite the fact that I’m not that shy and carry myself with confidence it was quite difficult to take myself out into the world looking like this.  I was truly surprised by the knock to my confidence.  Surely if this is something that had such an adverse effect on me there must of course be many of you out there who might have the same internal reaction that I experienced.

I took this photo before I applied the primer and makeup and I have to say when I first saw this photo I felt embarrassed and ashamed to publish it.  I began to think of what all of you would think.  “Ewww, how gross” or “OMG he’s dirty, doesn’t take care of himself”.  I even thought I might do a little retouching so it didn’t look so bad.  As soon as I had that thought it was very apparent that I must not waiver from my primary purpose.  To show you that beauty isn’t about perfection.  We are all fallible and susceptible to being human.

Using Laura Mercier’s primer and Secret Camouflage concealer I was able to cover up the redness while maintaining a natural quality, without it looking heavy or mask like.  How did I actually do this you ask?  Well sit back, get comfortable and let me show you how to cover it up Daily Dimmick style.

True Beauty Only Comes Through Life’s Experiences – Stephen Dimmick

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I've learnt how to not judge others by doing what I've judged others for.
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8 Responses to Wake Up To Makeup – Daily Dimmick’s Great Cover Up.

  1. Poppy says:

    What a great change!! You absolutely right, beauty is not about perfection, even if it is difficult to accept it (grrrrrrr ;-)!!). Thanks for sharing this pic and your great beauty secrets with us!!

  2. Thanks for linking me up to this blog post. I got some great tips. Even though I want something that will completely cover my imperfections, I was also wanting something quick for the day that would cover my broken capillary veins. I also watched your 10 have favourite items and like the tangerine lip colour, and your day to night makeup blog. Oh yeah baby, getting my makeup education on at “Dimmick U”

    • YEE HA sistah. Just remember if you try and cover ALL your “imperfections” you’ll never be happy. It’s impossible to do this. Evening out your skin tone is the most important thing you can do. It will take practice and dare I say a little frustration. Make sure you aren’t doing this in bad light. NO ONE looks good in bad light.

  3. Looks great, as you say, natural and light, even though it’s concealing a lot..I think you need to set up your own ‘genius bar’ Like apple has done…don’t forget you heard it here first ; )

  4. Jacki B says:

    This is great! I had the same thing a couple of months ago, no reason why it happened but it did, and when it got to my face I didn’t want to go out without foundation. I didn’t feel the need to cover them all completely (I also couldn’t be bothered to!), but I felt better just evening everything out like you did, so it wasn’t as obvious. Thank you for the video 🙂

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