Met Costume Gala Red Carpet Wrap Up.

"Four Leaf Clover"Last night The New York Metropolitan Museum paid their annual tribute to fashion.  Charles James was the honouree (showing May, 8 – August, 10 2014) and whether you loved or hated the fashion it’s time for a little schooling when it comes to the hits and misses and how Charles James influenced many decisions.  Tune in, sit back and buckle up.

5 3 1 Oscar de la Renta 4 Zac Posenmarchesa

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  1. Stephen Thank you for this wonderful review. I am going totake some time today to check out Charles James and learn more about his couture. The comparison in designs that you highlighted were wonderful. I totally agree that Kat Von D looked stunning. And thank you for doing this when I know you were so busy! Love ya.

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